Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Anyone Ever Been Ice Fishing?

I am saving up my money and me and my old lady are planning a fishing trip up to Alaska, well to me it is going to be a fishing trip she will want to be doing other things. Now you may be wondering that me living in Florida why in the hell would I want to take a vacation up to Alaska? For one, one of my best friends has moved up there and I will be visiting him for a week. For 2 I just need a change of scenary, sure the weather is nice here but I need some more adventure in my life, and I always wanted to go ice fishing anyways so this is my chance to finally do so.

So my question is for those that have had experience ice fishing, particularly in Alaska, as in what kind of gear I will need to either bring with me, or purchase while I am there. Money is not a problem, I have a couple thousand that I can spare to spend. Will I need a drill or something to cut through the ice? Or maybe I will need to start looking at some portable ice fishing huts to make things a little easier and to stay warm. I am sure that I will find out most of these answers when I arrive in Alaska but I just wanted to here everybodys thoughts and see if you all have any good recomendations.

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