Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Bad Night Of Fishing

So I didn’t even get the chance to go down south to some hardcore deep sea fishing in Florida, but I did however get a night off from the family so I decided I was going to do some fishing no matter what. This was kind of a last minute decision so I wanted to get a couple of buddies to go with me, called up all the fishing friends that I knew and of course everyone was busy with their own plans. Like sitting at home drinking and watching television, losers. So I said screw it, I am going out there by myself, at least I have a camera to show and tell some stories, plus I am good at photo chopping the fish to make them look bigger. LOL

So I grabbed a couple of fishing rods, got the cooler and was on my way down to Fort Desoto. See if I would have waited one more night, it would have been a full moon. A full moon is the best time to do some Florida snook fishing. But of course I didn’t want to wait another night, I had to go on the night before the full moon, almost as good of chance. Not that I would have kept the snook if I had caught any (which I didn’t) due to snook season ending early this year for those of us on the gulf coast of Florida.

So I got my little dolly, fishing rods n reels, cooler, now all I needed to do was stop at the local bait shop as soon as you get near the park, pick up some shrimp, sand fleas, ice, and a six pack of bud light. FYI if you plan on drinking at Fort Desoto buy the beer before you get close to the park, it is expensive once you get close. So I have all the necessities needed to catch some fish.

When I go to the piers of Fort Desoto, I usually just fish the short pier, but sure enough I arrive there and it is dark, when the lights are always supposed to be on. But this time they weren’t, well that sucked. So I had to grab all my fishing gear and pack it back in my tiny ass Toyota corolla and head to the gulf pier, which is just about a quarter mile away.

Got to the gulf pier and and set up all of my fishing gear and stuff. I was using a light spinning rod with 10 pound test with a 40 pound leader line, along with a couple of split shot sinkers and a circle hook. Put a live shrimp on and cast away, cracked open a beer and lit up a cigarette. Within a couple of minutes I had a fish on, a fish that was fighting pretty damn hard, I could tell it wasn’t a snook though.

Soon as I reeled him up I saw that it was just a baby hammerhead shark, not what I was looking for but fun to fight on light tackle. That was about all the action I would see that night besides a couple of small flounder. What I have realized in December in Florida, when it is freezing cold and windy out, it’s not the best time to go fishing because you probably wont catch anything but a buzz and a cold. It was still nice to get out of the house though.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I need to get out of State

Well it seems that I wont be going to the Florida keys this week for fishing. We have decided that we will be going to fort meyers florida instead to go after some mackerel. My uncle says that they are biting alot and he's coming back in with coolers full of them. So I am getting really excited about doing some fishing being I havent had any time lately to do so.

On a side note I am already planning my next vacation as we will be getting out of the state and heading up north. We were looking to where we might stay at and did a little research on Big Bear Cabins and decided that would be the best choice. Most definitely we would get one that is on a lake side being the fishaholic that I am. I dont really do to much freshwater fishing as I have been saltwater fishing my whole life, but I will fish for anything. So from now until then I will start having to do some research on freshwater fishing as to I am clueless about the subject. I know that you use lures a lot more and bass are a pain in the ass to hook up with, so I will just grab a couple of freshwater lures and keep casting until I catch something. It doesn't hurt to switch things up every once in a while, and as much as I love Florida it will be a nice little change to get out of state. I haven't been out of state since my trip to the Bahamas a year ago, which is another whole fishing story that I will be sharing with you all in the near future. As I said in my last post I will get back to you this weekend and hopefully I will have some nice pictures of some mackerel and some cobia for you all. Happy holidays everyone.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Almost vacation Time For Fishing

So it’s getting close to the holidays, and I am going off for a vacation here in a couple of weeks, which means that I will be doing some serious fishing. Sorry for the lack of posts, but I really don’t have any new stories at the moment. Although last week my buddy and I did make a trip to the Fort Desoto piers. For fishing in Florida, it was freakin cold as balls too, and the fish didn’t seem like they were that hungry that night.

We tried live shrimp and we also tried fishing with some sand fleas, and after about 4 hours of freezing are asses off we caught a couple of small flounder, a couple keeper snapper, and a buzz from all of the beer that we drank. The fish actually didn’t even start biting until around 11PM. So here is a word of advice if you are doing some night fishing at the Fort Desoto piers, stay away from the Gulf Pier, last three times I have fished there at night I didn’t get crap. Not even a bite, I always have better luck at the small pier, which is the Bay Pier. Although the bigger pier is great for catching bait if you have a big enough cast net, you can get hundreds of shiners in one cast if you can find them, which really isn’t that hard at all.

So this vacation I will be bringing my camera and taking lots of photos, and I will be fishing with my cousin and my uncle so its guaranteed that we are going to fill up the cooler with some snook and mackerel. But where do I want to go? I might just go down to Fort Meyers and fish there, it is a lot closer than the Keys, but I know if I make the trip down to the Florida Keys I will have a much better time and more than likely catch a crap load of more fish than I would fishing Fort Meyers. Who knows I haven’t even decided yet, I might even do some fly fishing. I really suck at it though, I need to get a fly fishing for beginners book or something. So until I get back from my vacation I might not have any more interesting posts or pictures for you guys, but once I get back I will post them. Hope everyone has a great month fishing and a great Christmas.