Sunday, December 7, 2008

I need to get out of State

Well it seems that I wont be going to the Florida keys this week for fishing. We have decided that we will be going to fort meyers florida instead to go after some mackerel. My uncle says that they are biting alot and he's coming back in with coolers full of them. So I am getting really excited about doing some fishing being I havent had any time lately to do so.

On a side note I am already planning my next vacation as we will be getting out of the state and heading up north. We were looking to where we might stay at and did a little research on Big Bear Cabins and decided that would be the best choice. Most definitely we would get one that is on a lake side being the fishaholic that I am. I dont really do to much freshwater fishing as I have been saltwater fishing my whole life, but I will fish for anything. So from now until then I will start having to do some research on freshwater fishing as to I am clueless about the subject. I know that you use lures a lot more and bass are a pain in the ass to hook up with, so I will just grab a couple of freshwater lures and keep casting until I catch something. It doesn't hurt to switch things up every once in a while, and as much as I love Florida it will be a nice little change to get out of state. I haven't been out of state since my trip to the Bahamas a year ago, which is another whole fishing story that I will be sharing with you all in the near future. As I said in my last post I will get back to you this weekend and hopefully I will have some nice pictures of some mackerel and some cobia for you all. Happy holidays everyone.

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